BOTOMask™ Against 8 Signs Of Ageing

BOTOMask™ Against 8 Signs of Ageing is one of our best sellers when it comes to helping restore aged and tired looking skin! This Botomask™ is an dizao botomask against 8 signs of ageingimportant part of our Tighten & Lift Application Package

The main benefits of Dizao BOTOMask™ Against 8 Signs of Ageing is the botox-like properties that help lift and tighten your facial and neck skin to achieve a younger and healthier look within the first couple of weeks of application.

When this BOTOMask™ against 8 Signs of skin Ageing is combined with Dizao Botomask with CoQ10 Enzyme you can achieve excellent results. You can actually buy these 2 botomasks required for a full treatment course in our specially designed Dizao Tighten & Lift package.

This Dizao Total 8 Effects BOTOMask™ Against 8 Signs of Ageing comes with 2 stages of application.

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Step 1

As always before the application of any DIZAO facemasks you should wash your face well with warm to hot water to help open up your pores to allow the active ingredients of the BOTOserum and BOTOmask to penetrate the wrinkles and achieve the desired effect.

This particular mask requires that you apply Total 8 Effects Against signs of Ageing BOTOMask™ as the first step. Apply the BOTOMask™ evenly over cleansed face and neck, ensuring that all of the facemask is spread evenly on your skin and is not wrinkled up. Wear the facemask while in a relaxed position for 15 minutes and wash your face well with cool water.

Step 2

Now you need to apply the BOTOserum against 8 Signs of skin ageing. After use of the BOTOMask™, apply BOTOserum to face and neck, especially to the mimic wrinkles. Depending on the depth and quantity of wrinkles use BOTOserum more frequently if required.

Stage 1 – BOTOMask™ Against 8 Signs Of Skin Ageing

The Effect…

Fights 8 signs of skin ageing:

  1. Helps eliminate the deepest mimic wrinkles due to the miorelaxant effect
  2. Tightens skin restoring firmness
  3. Smoothes skin surface giving it a velvety feel
  4. Improves face colour
  5. Gives the skin a healthy glow and youthful energy
  6. Constricts pores
  7. Ligthens pigment spots
  8. Moisturizes intensely

The Ingredients…

Peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, Vitamin E


Stage 2 – BOTOserum Against 8 Signs of Skin Ageing

The Effect…

Has a powerful anti-ageing action and increases the effect of the BOTOmask by prolonging it. The uniqueness of the BOTOserum is its ability to instantly smooth out wrinkles, having a miorelaxant effect. Highly active anti-ageing components penetrate to deep skin layers and fight the 8 signs of ageing in skin, having a prolonged and intense moisturizing and nourishing effect.

The Ingredients…

Peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, gliadin.

If you have any questions what soever about either one of the botomasks, the ordering process or the application process, simply read our FAQ Page

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